Kitchen Robots. Are they coming?

We all know that the rise of the robots is coming. We have already seen the widespread replacement of manual labor across manufacturing, and they will soon replace humans in rescue operations and other areas. However, there is one unexpected area where robots are making waves, culinary waves that is, and that is in our kitchens.

At an annual exhibition of food technology in Tokyo, Japan, a surprising event occurred, the showcasing of robots who could prepare a meal, bake brownies and even prepare complicated dishes that are usually reserved for Michelin star chefs.

The main benefit of these robots is that they cannot tire and can do their work very quickly. Think about all those cooking shows, where human error, judgment, and weariness impact the quality of food and delivery speed. Well, now we don’t have to worry about that. Imagine Gordon Ramsey having the perfect kitchen hand, a robot, and maybe he would have less grounds for swearing.

Obviously, the robots cannot taste or add artistic flair to the dishes, but they can follow a set of instructions to the tee. Imagine getting home from a grueling day to find a nicely cooked meal in front of you. In the morning program, all you had to do was have the robot follow some set instructions and make the meal. 

Imagine as well going to a restaurant and getting served delicious food quickly because the chef has robots doing the prep and basic grunt work meaning he can focus on making the food delicious without having to worry about human error from other parts of his kitchen. Sounds like the year 3000? Well, it’s not as far off as you might think.

One of the critical functions the robots can perform is to make sushi on autopilot. Imagine that, just buying your very own sushi bot and having sushi on demand whenever you want. The craziness boggles the mind. I wonder what they will come up with next!