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Eclipse Build Service Summit 1

16 Aug in Build, Community, SC2011, Eclipse

Eclipse Foundation Build ServiceThe Eclipse Foundation is working to offer standardized build services to Eclipse projects.

This build service is initially aimed at the simultaneous release projects. A key part of this initiative will be to assist Eclipse projects in the creation, maintenance, and execution of Hudson/Maven/Tycho-based build scripts. It is our belief that this service will provide considerable value making an attractive choice to all Eclipse projects. We are seeking guidance, participation, and feedback to help make the vision of standardized builds a reality.

This service is an important enabler for an important new program that will be announced at EclipseCon Europe in November, 2011.

On August 27th, 2011 in Ottawa Canada, the SC2011 Software Developers' Haven conference is bringing together a number of people involved with Eclipse. The organizers (FOSSLC, IEEE, and others) offered a room and facilities to host a meeting to discuss the Eclipse Foundation Build service.

The meeting will take place in the afternoon prior to the closing keynote (see the schedule). I would like to propose the following as an agenda. Please feel free to comment to add to it or adjust as needed. As well, please comment on this post to let others know you're coming.


  • Quick row call to introduce everyone
  • Background - what is it we're trying to do and a bit of why
  • Requirement walkthrough and brainstorming
  • Next steps

This session will be roughly 2 hours, but there will be some flexibility to talk more at an Eclipse Foundation Build Service BOF after the closing keynote and before the party at the NAC.

The conference has many interesting talks as part of the program. Lunch, snacks, and drinks are included. Registration also includes the party afterwards at the NAC which also provides food and drinks.

FOSSLC is a vendor neutral non-profit organization that organizes events like this and specializes in technology that records and streams presentations/demos/etc. The Eclipse Foundation is a vendor neutral non-profit organization that helps cultivate a community of open source communities and an ecosystem of complimentary products and services.



For those who wish to

For those who wish to participate remotely, please contact andrew dot ross at eclipse dot org for the conference bridge details.


Gah. Deleted my own comment earlier discussing who was coming to this session as part of spam clean-up. Here it is again:

Kim Moir, Chris Aniszczyk, Pascal Rapicault, Jason van Zyl, Andrew Ross, Doug Schaefer, Wayne Beaton, Denis Roy, MIke Milinkovich, John Arthorne, others.

Clearly this session will be Eclipse focused but all are welcome.