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State of Freeseer in April 2011

12 Apr in Community, Education, Programming, Video, GPL, Python, Freeseer, Programming

I want to share a few updates about the Freeseer project. This blog seemed the best way to do it.

As of today, all new code from the recent term projects from the UCOSP program has been integrated into development. Developers, I strongly recommend updating your work areas with this code.

The recent changes include:

  1. The talk editor has been split out of the recording tool and enhanced to allow editing almost all fields.
  2. The config tool has been split out and the look & feel enhanced.
  3. Support for live streaming has now been added.
  4. Support for Windows. has now been added. See the README.txt for instructions on building on Windows.
  5. From our code sprint - various minor enhancement such as an improvement to how we calculate video file names, enhancements to how we handle Unicode characters, using cmake instead of make because it is more portable, and more.

We'll do a bit more polishing up of this code base, but I believe it is time for a 2.5 release in the next couple of weeks given how much new functionality there is in the list above. Please help us by pounding on the code and reporting bugs.

From a tools and process perspective, we have embraced new functionality from github. You'll see in the issue tracker we have new milestones for release 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0. These milestones will complete over the next 4, 8, and 12 months respectively and focus on portability & packaging, Voice over IP support, and a front-end client for viewing steams and videos respectively.

We'd like to thank the generous support and contributions from our latest interns and the UCOSP program. Also, thank you in advance to Google/Google Summer of Code and especially the interns who put in many great proposals. And to the mentor team. We had many times the mentors and proposals this year. For the first time, our project is a GSoC host organization under our own banner. Thank you to the Python Foundation that took us under their wing in the past.

I believe it's clear the project is healthy and growing at an increasing rate. In addition to various users, I am currently talking with a large University about their potential use of Freeseer to record lectures. Freeseer is competing vigorously against closed source proprietary tools and holding up well. Also, I am talking to another large open source non-profit about use of Freeseer to record their big annual conferences.

Our priorities in the next 4 months are packaging, portability, and polish. We hope to squash all known bugs in time for a 3.0 release by August.

Thank you very much for your interest and especially for your contributions - be them code, testing, documentation, ideas, outreach, or what ever you chip in.... thanks! And a special thank you to Thanh Ha for continuing to do an excellent job as the lead programmer on Freeseer.