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freeseer - open source video studio in a backpack

This project contains code for a video capture utility capable of capturing presentations. It captures vga output and audio and mixes them together to produce a video thus enabling you to capture great presentations, demos, or training material easily.

This software has been used to record great open source events including hundreds of talks at great conferences like OSGeo's FOSS4G, FSOSS, and more.


  • very easy to use gui interface - click to start, click to stop, simple form for managing title and speaker's name
  • based on open source software and open standards
  • records full motion video or presentations from a vga device (laptop, desktop, others)
  • records from Mac, Windows, Linux, what ever. Any content presented to the LCD projector is recorded.
  • forms a recording studio that fits into a backpack when running on a laptop
  • very fast set up and tear down - typically under 10 minutes.

Please visit the project wiki for more information.