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Which open source license is best? - vignettes

06 Sep

The following videos are short vignettes from our debate covering which open source licenses is best. Each video is under 10 minutes long.

The format of the debate provided speakers 10 minutes to state their position, 5 minutes to rebut, and 1 minute to make a final statement at the end.

In the debate, we attempted to cover the important issues you should consider when choosing a license for your project or for reuse. The subtle differences between common licenses representing approximately the left, right, and middle of the open source licenses spectrum are discussed. See the verdict for more coverage, the judges decisions, and additional thoughts.

Speaker Position statement Rebuttal Final statement
Mike Milinkovich - EPL YouTube ogg YouTube ogg YouTube ogg
David Maxwell - BSD YouTube ogg YouTube ogg YouTube ogg
Matt Asay - GPL YouTube ogg YouTube ogg YouTube ogg