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OpenLayers 3 Showcase 22 21.09.2013
Migration To Open Source Database Systems 21 21.09.2013
Using OSGeo Live In MSc Teaching 22 21.09.2013
Scribe: MapServer Mapfile Development Made Easy 27 21.09.2013
TileServer: Hosting Map Tiles And MBTiles 24 21.09.2013
Web Processing Services Using OS OpenData 26 21.09.2013
Getting The Best Performance For GeoJSON Map Visualizations: PostGIS Vs CouchDB Backend 23 21.09.2013
GIS Is Not Dead, It's Coming For You And It's Been Drinking JavaScript 28 21.09.2013
FOSS4G 2013 Keynote: Kate Chapman 32 21.09.2013
Application Development With OpenLayers 3 25 21.09.2013
OpenLayers 3 - How To Successfully Run A Crowdfunding Campaign For An OSS Project 20 21.09.2013
MapServer REST API 20 21.09.2013
How To Create A Geocoded Town - Monmouthpedia And Gibraltarpedia 26 21.09.2013
Taming Rich GML With stETL, A Lightweight Python Framework For Geospatial ETL 26 21.09.2013
GraphGIS Bringing spatial functionalities to nosql graph databases 25 21.09.2013
Raster Data In GeoServer And GeoTools: Achievements, Issues And Future Developments 30 21.09.2013
OpenLayers 3: Under The Hood 25 21.09.2013
Leaflet: Past, Present, Future 26 21.09.2013
Analysis Of Realtime Stream Data With Anvil 18 21.09.2013
MapServer Project Status Report - Meet The Developers! 23 21.09.2013
GIS For All: Exploring The Barriers And Opportunities For Underexploited GIS Applications 15 21.09.2013
MapProxy -- Past, Present, Future 22 21.09.2013
GeoCouch: An N-dimensional Index For Apache CouchDB And Couchbase 9 21.09.2013
Using NoSQL & HTML5 to Generate Interactive Web Visualisations Of High-volume Spatio-temporal Data 23 21.09.2013
LIDAR In PostgreSQL With Pointcloud 23 21.09.2013